Face of Film provides you with an easy-to-use system and a friendly place to connect with your customers so that you can expand your reach internationally.

1. Add or your organisation

Share your organisation’s products and services, and showcase a professional listing. Upload photos, add helpful links to your website or to social media profiles, set an address along with opening hours and other information that your customers may find relevant.

If you see your organisation listed on Face of Film and would like to manage your listing email us on listings@faceoffilm.com. We may require additional documentation to establish whether you represent the organisation listed, and once approved, we’ll send you your access details. Your listing will be free for the first year.

Once registered you are able to login to your account and completely manage you own listings with ease. You are able to view / edit any of your listings, view your account and edit your profile. You are also able to create and manage your own listings, order new listings and communicate with us directly from your very own dashboard on Face of Film.

2. Get Discovered

Upon confirmation, your listing will appear throughout our platform and will be searchable by visitors interested in your business. All listings are optimized for Google to maximize your search engine rankings. You also have access to documentation, video tutorials and other resources to help you achieve the most out of your listings, reach the audience you want and to use your listings in any PR, marketing and promotions you may have.

3. Increase your earnings, your reach and your audience

Face Of Film makes it incredibly easy for people to search organisations via regions and within each sector of the industry. Our search engine includes geolocations where people can search for listings and look at where they are located on Google maps for address information and directions. Readers will be able to see your listing in our global map and thanks to our development team, Face OF Film has been SEO optimised to increase rankings and visibility in search engines. You can also easily share a link to your listing on platforms including Facebook and Twitter where the first image of your listing will automatically embed on social networks. No need to manually upload an image! It works in a click.

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