The Animation School

At The Animation School we have concentrated on structuring a curriculum that produces animators versus just software operators. Think of it like this: knowing how to use Word Perfect on a computer doesn’t automatically make you a novelist!

Our curriculum works and it works hard. This viewpoint is supported by the consistent prizes and accolades that our students win. We concentrate on giving students a solid foundation of 3D artistic development – both on a creative and technical level. So that when it comes time for international and local employers to assess potential job candidates, The Animation School’s students stand head and shoulders above the rest.

Furthermore, our curriculum is supported by industry authorities to make sure that the education we provide meets the ever-changing requirements of the animation industry. And as a successful graduate who has finished our 3-year full time course, you will have developed and refined your artistic talent to an entry-level skills level for acceptance in the highly competitive animation industry.

Jan Smuts Avenue 181
Johannesburg 2121 GP ZA
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